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How it works

Affiliate marketing is a very simple process that tends to be over complicated. In a nutshell you provide a referral service, if someone you refer buys something, you get paid a commision. 

In a bit more detail, an affiliate (you) promotes goods or services via your website/online presence by promoting the goods or services of a merchant. Using a link (which includes your personal ID code) to the merchants website, everytime someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you receive a commision on the sale price. Commision rates vary between merchants, but 6% is quite common, this is how you earn money online affiliate marketing. Let’s take a look at putting it altogether and start making money.

Putting Your Affiliate Marketing Business Together

Create your niche website

This is the centre of your affiliate business, building a website that is an authority in your chosen niche, has relevant, accurate and helpful content added regularly. This is what builds traffic to your site – remember your earning potential is intrinsically linked to the quantity of traffic you receive.

It is important that you don’t lose sight of the fact that your website must remain a place where people want to visit to find information relevant to your niche. If your site is full of adverts and has no useful content you will not get meaningful traffic. 

If you are able to purchase a product online, there is most likely an affiliate program for it, that is thousands of opportunities.

For help choosing a niche take a look here choosing your niche.

Search for affiliate programs

Although you will find some manufacturers offering affiliate programs direct, the most common sources of affiliate programs are through networks. Each network will have thousands of affiliate programs to choose from. A couple of networks to look at include;

Sign up with one of these networks or another of your choice. Choose programs that fit well with your niche and start adding the adverts to your website.


Many of the affiliate networks will supply ready made banners that you can post into your site – this is an example of an affiliate banner.

This banner was added to the site by copying and pasting some html code, the code includes my ID so the advertiser knows where any clicks have come from. Notice how the code was copied and pasted, you do not need any coding experience, how great is that?

Some affiliate programs may not provide banners, in these instances you can produce your own banner, using a free design site – I recommend Canva.

Once you have produced your banner you can use the code provided by the affiliate program to link your banner. 

I created the banner below in a couple of minutes in Canva and added my affiliate link. The options and opportunities are endless! 

How much can you earn?

The truth is you could potentially make as much as you like! But, don’t believe those that say you can create a website and then sit back and watch the money come in. The successful websites are those that are constantly creating relevant, accurate and helpful content and harness every means available to attract traffic to their sites. 

Your site should be constantly evolving with every post you produce targeting low competition keywords, see how to perform keyword research for details.

Now imagine your site is established and is now receiving 100 clicks per day or 3000 clicks per month. There are many affiliate programs that will produce £100 per sale in commision. Now not every person that visits your site will click on an advert and make a purchase, however, a quantity of approximately 20% is realistic (600 clicks per month) and you are converting those clicks to sales at approximately 1:20 that is 30 lots of commision per month. 30 sales x £100 commision = £3,000 per month into your bank account. 

That is £3,000 per month into your bank, each and every month or £36,000 each and every year. 

In summary

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way of monetizing your website. It is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a legitimate business opportunity that anyone can utilize. If you would like to take advantage of affiliate marketing but do not feel you have the time, please get in touch as I am able to create a website ready built with affiliate links for you if you prefer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help as best I can. 

Thank for reading. 

Justin – founder of adcudere.com

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